Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's day

Hmm , it's quite odd that Valentine's day seems to be scheduled right before family day.... almost reminiscent to that song...

First comes love then comes marriage... then comes (insert the teased) with a baby carriage.

This signals to one thing....


Thats right . and now they are probably on their way to get me now... Canada needs more people to populate it's north I know the name of this game... well let me tell you something I won't fall into this trap of lies and espi.....


Okay... so I caved in wanna fight about it. I even saw this movie. Man George Lopez can act... (sarcasm)

Cards, Candy , Flowers ... Jew

Maybe I don't mind since i have someone to celebrate it with this year. haha. happy valentines areuma!
Anyways ...

noodle vacum

After, a long days work laying down the law on inarticulate inbred pool monkey scallywags .we went down to this great place down on Young I always wanted to check out... it did not dissapoint.

Place had great interior decorations and nice atmosphere but being me I will present to you just a portion of it.
sumo butt

Needless to say the ramen was way too spicy as illustrated in this simple diagram

+ =

Anywho, i'm done writing for today.
That is all

Pablo Rojas

Shit son , thats some spicy ramen

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raw Rawr Rawr

6 Things I'd rather be doing other than university

1. Travel the world

yes world, you are my bitch now.

2. Learn to play this...

I've got blistas on my fingers?

3. Aquire vast amounts of wealth

if I was rich, I would probably not wear pants

4. Try and stop stupidity

I'm looking at you Glenn Beck.. you are bad for the world

5. Increase intake of sushi

I know it's fake... but.. glahhh

6. Get super athletic

Usain Bolt poses with his newborn son... I always thought he was part cheetah...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some morning thoughts

Hurm.. Going to try and give up television indefinetley and limit my computer usage for non-school/ work things to like 1 hour daily..

I shall probably fail, but really there's so much to do in reality that it doesn't make sense that we just to block it all out.

but we do. Maybe it's because we constantly look for instant gratification. Things worthwhile in real life take effort and sometimes a while to complete. Reality is also frought with inescapable periods of suffering? . But I think the results are more rewarding.

Its so easy to escape with mindless distractions. But it's also hard to live with no distrractions at all at the same time.

Live a Nietzsche life- become the overman - focus on self fullfillment through a constant striving to better yourself.


Mustard Pickle and Cheese sandwhiches are teh yummies. Good breakfast

That is all


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mild Winter Forecasted= Pablos go wild everywhere.

Good morning non existent public!


Today's frustration is brought to you by microsoft word...

Seriously, why would Microsoft be such assholes, to make their new versions of word not backwards compatible with Mac. Douche move Microsoft. Apple allows iTunes to run freely on windows not compromising its quality. Same thing goes to microsoft for the Mac version of MSN. The way I see it is they're losing on a crucial and growing market and also fermenting hate from mac users to Microsoft..


you smell.

Hmm , So I should working on an essay of Neoliberalism in Chile. And I will.. soon.. maybe... I got an outline... but.. meh. Gonna buckle down tonight after soccer with caffeine and some good music. Call it a late night.

APATHY!!! Curse you

Good Day

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Girlfriend today! yaaaaaaaeuuuhh... im boreeeed. Friends where busy, and it's too cold to go outside. hmm, left me with time to think.

I think im gonna try to do my swimming instructors this and next weekend, providing the courses arent full. It's like 8 hours a day blahhh... gotta find someone to cover my shift.

At the same time I cant help feeling i dont want to teach. Im perfectley comfortable where I am , but I need the instructors to stay where I am. Also if i get the internship this summer, well my instructors wouldnt really recooperate their investment.

But then again i can come back after summer.

In other news I started writing a script. Er hopefully it makes it into production. It quite possibly could. Its a social morality tale. The problem is tough I think at the current moment it sounds too preachy, bu maybe it should be.


7 am work...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Maybe its the coffee.

Second Wind...
something has come back.

Buckle Down Seat Back.

Going to finish the most work I can this weekend

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

no more wit.

Things have screeched to a halt. The pace I was going at for the last year and a half was break neck, and I just might have broken something in the process. I feel like a sloth, or a snail. Perhaps it's just the yearly round of winter blues. I still have the same amount of things to do that I did before, but they seem not as important to me any more. I have lost my will to do work.

Must move to a sunny warm country that has no education system.... mmmm

Anyways met mama lee today ,which was fun, she has confirmed the hypothesis that I have a positive face (which I do). We went to a korean restaurant that I am quite familiar with now. Talked about Bomi's Halifax stopover, practiced my Korean, tried to popo Vanesssa. Mama lee Gave a bunch of tips on how to perfect the bulgogi I was eatingd, but was generally a silent but graceful type. Seemed like a wise jedi master.

Class was... well class was.. and it sucked. It turns out I have a 3 hour lecture with an unstable looking sounding russian man who speaks in a quirky monotone. Not many picked up on his sense of humour though, I laughed when he started talking about the average price of goats in a communist run archipelago which included Robinson Crusoe...

I need to self actualize


Become athletic again
Build my savings
Make at least 4 really good piano songs before schools over
Raise my GPA
Make a movie (maybe Spanish Man 2.. the trailer)

not necessarilly in that order.

Probably just raise my GPA and get Athletic.

allright I leave you all.. probably just one reader... to my insomnia.