Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some morning thoughts

Hurm.. Going to try and give up television indefinetley and limit my computer usage for non-school/ work things to like 1 hour daily..

I shall probably fail, but really there's so much to do in reality that it doesn't make sense that we just to block it all out.

but we do. Maybe it's because we constantly look for instant gratification. Things worthwhile in real life take effort and sometimes a while to complete. Reality is also frought with inescapable periods of suffering? . But I think the results are more rewarding.

Its so easy to escape with mindless distractions. But it's also hard to live with no distrractions at all at the same time.

Live a Nietzsche life- become the overman - focus on self fullfillment through a constant striving to better yourself.


Mustard Pickle and Cheese sandwhiches are teh yummies. Good breakfast

That is all


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