Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's day

Hmm , it's quite odd that Valentine's day seems to be scheduled right before family day.... almost reminiscent to that song...

First comes love then comes marriage... then comes (insert the teased) with a baby carriage.

This signals to one thing....


Thats right . and now they are probably on their way to get me now... Canada needs more people to populate it's north I know the name of this game... well let me tell you something I won't fall into this trap of lies and espi.....


Okay... so I caved in wanna fight about it. I even saw this movie. Man George Lopez can act... (sarcasm)

Cards, Candy , Flowers ... Jew

Maybe I don't mind since i have someone to celebrate it with this year. haha. happy valentines areuma!
Anyways ...

noodle vacum

After, a long days work laying down the law on inarticulate inbred pool monkey scallywags .we went down to this great place down on Young I always wanted to check out... it did not dissapoint.

Place had great interior decorations and nice atmosphere but being me I will present to you just a portion of it.
sumo butt

Needless to say the ramen was way too spicy as illustrated in this simple diagram

+ =

Anywho, i'm done writing for today.
That is all

Pablo Rojas

Shit son , thats some spicy ramen