Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mild Winter Forecasted= Pablos go wild everywhere.

Good morning non existent public!


Today's frustration is brought to you by microsoft word...

Seriously, why would Microsoft be such assholes, to make their new versions of word not backwards compatible with Mac. Douche move Microsoft. Apple allows iTunes to run freely on windows not compromising its quality. Same thing goes to microsoft for the Mac version of MSN. The way I see it is they're losing on a crucial and growing market and also fermenting hate from mac users to Microsoft..


you smell.

Hmm , So I should working on an essay of Neoliberalism in Chile. And I will.. soon.. maybe... I got an outline... but.. meh. Gonna buckle down tonight after soccer with caffeine and some good music. Call it a late night.

APATHY!!! Curse you

Good Day

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