Tuesday, January 12, 2010

no more wit.

Things have screeched to a halt. The pace I was going at for the last year and a half was break neck, and I just might have broken something in the process. I feel like a sloth, or a snail. Perhaps it's just the yearly round of winter blues. I still have the same amount of things to do that I did before, but they seem not as important to me any more. I have lost my will to do work.

Must move to a sunny warm country that has no education system.... mmmm

Anyways met mama lee today ,which was fun, she has confirmed the hypothesis that I have a positive face (which I do). We went to a korean restaurant that I am quite familiar with now. Talked about Bomi's Halifax stopover, practiced my Korean, tried to popo Vanesssa. Mama lee Gave a bunch of tips on how to perfect the bulgogi I was eatingd, but was generally a silent but graceful type. Seemed like a wise jedi master.

Class was... well class was.. and it sucked. It turns out I have a 3 hour lecture with an unstable looking sounding russian man who speaks in a quirky monotone. Not many picked up on his sense of humour though, I laughed when he started talking about the average price of goats in a communist run archipelago which included Robinson Crusoe...

I need to self actualize


Become athletic again
Build my savings
Make at least 4 really good piano songs before schools over
Raise my GPA
Make a movie (maybe Spanish Man 2.. the trailer)

not necessarilly in that order.

Probably just raise my GPA and get Athletic.

allright I leave you all.. probably just one reader... to my insomnia.

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