Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Girlfriend today! yaaaaaaaeuuuhh... im boreeeed. Friends where busy, and it's too cold to go outside. hmm, left me with time to think.

I think im gonna try to do my swimming instructors this and next weekend, providing the courses arent full. It's like 8 hours a day blahhh... gotta find someone to cover my shift.

At the same time I cant help feeling i dont want to teach. Im perfectley comfortable where I am , but I need the instructors to stay where I am. Also if i get the internship this summer, well my instructors wouldnt really recooperate their investment.

But then again i can come back after summer.

In other news I started writing a script. Er hopefully it makes it into production. It quite possibly could. Its a social morality tale. The problem is tough I think at the current moment it sounds too preachy, bu maybe it should be.


7 am work...

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