Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well fianlly finished my econometrics exam. Hopefully I passed, apparently alot of the answers were E) none of the above, and I did have alot of es.... eh done for better or for worse

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A year end review

I know it's not quite new years but I think I have enough to reflect about in the last 6 months to post a year end review.

This year has been a rough introduction to the realities of the world. A reality obscured by a facade of entertainment and distractions , a reality not many can see. It was the result of a perfect storm of personal experiences and ideas that have come together at the same time. Among these include my trip to South America especially Bolivia and Peru, where I began to understand the implications of poverty in the flesh.

Me at Machu Picchu
It is much different that the poverty that reaches us here in Canada. That is, although we may have some sort of social conscious. (excuse my spelling, I go to York) through news media it is a whole different story when you see it for yourself, the implications of it are heightened and the injustices wrench your stomach. The difference between rich and poor and the daily struggle these people face is enormous. It is sickening and visiting these places has given a very real and a very tangible lens to examine my actions and their indirect consequences. The next very interesting thing that happened, is that a slew of courses and ideas in my university career seemed to reaffirm and grow my understanding of this multidimensional prroblem. Among these were a course examining the politics of Latin America and an indepth examination into Karl Marx (no im not communist, but good social critique of capitlism).

Karl Marx .. the cat

These furthered my perspective however along the way I lost something, the further I delved into this problem the more hopeless I felt. this coupled with many new rersponsibilities including a new job, moving and renovating, as well as my continual burnout from not having a break between school semesters led me to a feeling of burnout and numbness which still continues in one sense to today. Ironically this coincided with my Spanish literature course which examined a whole metaphysical philosophical and psychological debate between happineess, thought , and awareness of the world. A debate on opening yourself to the woes of reality or closing yourself in a bubble to achieve happiness. This was a crisis I myself struggled with halfway during the school year. My marks have suffered but with any luck I will still pass. This year has been a challenge. It all came at once it seems and although it is tough, I think I'll get through it stronger than before.

One great thing happened this year however and I dont want to sound all gay, but I did meet an awesome person who has helped me through it all by being there . you know who you are


Anyways with any luck, after the break I'll feel better and less burnt out

Thats it for now. Ill post more soon