Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's day

Hmm , it's quite odd that Valentine's day seems to be scheduled right before family day.... almost reminiscent to that song...

First comes love then comes marriage... then comes (insert the teased) with a baby carriage.

This signals to one thing....


Thats right . and now they are probably on their way to get me now... Canada needs more people to populate it's north I know the name of this game... well let me tell you something I won't fall into this trap of lies and espi.....


Okay... so I caved in wanna fight about it. I even saw this movie. Man George Lopez can act... (sarcasm)

Cards, Candy , Flowers ... Jew

Maybe I don't mind since i have someone to celebrate it with this year. haha. happy valentines areuma!
Anyways ...

noodle vacum

After, a long days work laying down the law on inarticulate inbred pool monkey scallywags .we went down to this great place down on Young I always wanted to check out... it did not dissapoint.

Place had great interior decorations and nice atmosphere but being me I will present to you just a portion of it.
sumo butt

Needless to say the ramen was way too spicy as illustrated in this simple diagram

+ =

Anywho, i'm done writing for today.
That is all

Pablo Rojas

Shit son , thats some spicy ramen

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raw Rawr Rawr

6 Things I'd rather be doing other than university

1. Travel the world

yes world, you are my bitch now.

2. Learn to play this...

I've got blistas on my fingers?

3. Aquire vast amounts of wealth

if I was rich, I would probably not wear pants

4. Try and stop stupidity

I'm looking at you Glenn Beck.. you are bad for the world

5. Increase intake of sushi

I know it's fake... but.. glahhh

6. Get super athletic

Usain Bolt poses with his newborn son... I always thought he was part cheetah...